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Contains facts about all types of thyroid cancer and their treatments. Features a support network and a low iodine cookbook Overviews. Thyroid Cancer (American Society of Clinical Oncology) Thyroid Cancer (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research) What You Need to Know

Guidelines for seeing a thyroid specialist. It can be very difficult for GPs to decide who may have a suspected cancer and who has something much less serious

Find a Thyroid Specialist. The following web sites have geographic lists of physicians who are thyroid and thyroid cancer specialists. These sites are also linked Article provides basic information about thyroid cancer. Includes a discussion of papillary, follicular, medullary, and anaplastic thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer Thyroid tumors arise from the thyroid tissue located in the neck. The majority (80 to 90 ) of thyroid tumors are malignant (carcinomas). The majority of dogs with

ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association, Inc

What You Need To Know About Thyroid Cancer. This booklet is about thyroid cancer. Learning about medical care for thyroid cancer can help you take an active Thyroid and parathyroid gland specialist. Contact us for help with thyroid disease, nodules and problems. Thyroid Clinic Sydney

Thyroid cancer is a disease in which cancer (malignant) cells are found in the tissues of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is at the base of the throat Thyroid cancer is a disease that you get when abnormal cells begin to grow in your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly and is located in