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8 Jun 2006 Assessing the introduction of universal varicella vaccination in the Netherlands. Boot HJ(1), de Melker HE, Stolk EA, de Wit GA, Kimman TG analyzed the feasibility of universal varicella vaccination by replacing the universal varicella childhood vaccination has taken place in the Netherlands. We

zoster vaccinatie. Vaccination against varicella zoster virus ( De Wit et al., 2007 ) In the Netherlands, 49 of 2-years-old children have had chickenpox

28 May 2009 The practicalities of introducing varicella vaccination into national .. group held in Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands in December 2007, 8 May 2013 The Netherlands provides a unique setting in which to study the effects of . Vaccination against varicella has not been introduced in the 5.5 Varicella vaccination recommendations in the EUEEA . . Moreover, countries such as Belgium or the Netherlands report a higher. 18 seroprevalence

Assessing the introduction of universal varicella vaccination in the

1 Jan 2005 The incorporation of varicella zoster virus (ZVV) vaccination in and the Netherlands) or a combination of the two (Greece, England and Wales Although varicella is seen as a benign disease in the Netherlands, about 40000 visits to a general practitioner (GP) are made, over 200 hospital admission occu

24 Feb 2006 The epidemiology of varicella and herpes zoster in The Netherlands: implications for varicella zoster virus vaccination. de Melker H(1), Berbers varicella and herpes zoster vaccination for children, adolescent and high risk In the Netherlands, no definitive decision on varicella vaccination has yet been