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Updated June 2013. The Winnetka Public Schools District 36. Differentiated Instruction Action Plan and Evidence (2012-2013). 5-Year Goal. 2012-2013 collaborative schoolwide plan for implementing differentiated instruction including shared models of professional learning communities and action research

benefits of differentiated instruction using action research methods. including problem identification, plan of action, data collection, analysis of data and plan

and engage in action-planning to begin the journey into differentiated instruction. Additionally, stratgies for managing differentiated instruction including Differentiated Instruction: Overview and Assessment DI Lesson Plan Template 1. Inclusive Education. Site-Based Professional Development Action Plan. School: Administrator: Initial meeting date: Meeting participants: Areas of Professional instruction . Action Step 1: The Transformation Office will collaborate with school -based administrators to develop and implement a plan to provide all students

Differentiated Instruction Action Plan and Evidence (2012-2013)

23 Feb 2012 In the PCHS Action Plan, the school has chosen to focus on three broad .. integration of differentiated instruction to increase student learning A. Objective. During the 2010 - 2011 school year, Three Rivers School will provide interventions, utilize differentiated instruction, and focus on the sub- strands of

27 Aug 2010 Differentiated Instruction in the Jones-Riley, Deborah Ann. Differentiated Instruction Practical Classroom Plan for Diverse Needs 12 Feb 2014 Action Research Proposal Differentiated Instruction Action Research Extra work for the teacher to plan the lessons on different levels and