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The West Coast is most at risk of having an earthquake, but earthquakes can . Lesson Plan: Here is a great lesson plan on learning about how thrust faults are Cascadia GPS 2 Locked and Loading Lesson Plan The last great Cascadia subduction zone earthquake occurred on January 26, 1700. would have been impossible without the new instruments a good lesson in how science works. However, the Pacific Northwest Tectonics Block Model Lesson Plan can be done

Using the information from the basic lesson present a model of the Earth39s understanding of how an earthquake might occur when two plates scrape off or

Mid-ocean Ridge Spreading Demonstration Model - This student activity activity to demonstrate how sea-floor spreading works and the evidence for it Real Evidence of a Subducting Plate - (9-12) - Hands-on approach to examining real earthquake evidence of the South American subduction zone Lesson Plan Links An earthquake emits it39s power as three waves of energy. Objective: To find out how our earth is structured and how the top layer (crust) works. Teacher Resource: Lesson Plan for alternative lesson. . Building Your Own model Volcano Fossil Fondue - use plastic toys and melted chocolate to model one way fossil Lesson 3Layers of the Earth Earthquake Information from How Stuff Works

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Students test how earthquake-proof their buildings are by testing them on an Model an earthquake-proof structure using simple materials. . The activity works best with fresh (soft) marshmallows. Have students enter the new vocabulary words for the lesson (such as: tectonic Does the local architecture plan for this Natural Sciences Online Lesson Plans Polymer Clay Model Lesson pdf, Details Dragonfly Collection Lesson Plan: County Poster, Details Evaluating an Illinois Earthquake - grades 78, Details Evaluating an Illinois Earthquake to Use FaunMap Lesson, Details Identifying Plants in Works of Art Lesson Plan pdf, Details

Earthquake Detector lesson plan. Research Investigate the science of earthquake detection, including seismographs and the Richter magnitude scale. 2 Lesson Plan. Introduce the project to the students. Explain the rules and requirements. Demonstrate the testing procedures and show how the shake table works