Synaptic hormones

CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets. 2006 Oct5(5):521-9. Stress, corticosteroid hormones and hippocampal synaptic function. Alfarez DN(1), Wiegert O, Krugers Gonadal Hormones Affect Spine Synaptic Density in the CA1. Hippocampal Subfield of Male Rats. Csaba Leranth,1,2 Ors Petnehazy,1 and Neil J. MacLusky3

The peripheral actions of the metabolic hormones, leptin and insulin, are well documented. However, the functions of these hormones are not restricted to the

16 Sep 2011 The drive to eat is controlled by neuronal circuits in the hypothalamus that respond to hormones signaling hunger or satiety. In this issue of Cell, 15 Sep 2011 Metabolic hormones such a ghrelin, signaling food deprivation, and leptin, signaling satiety, stimulate synaptic activity and plasticity within the Corticosteroid hormones, synaptic strength and emotional memories: corticosteroid modulation of memory a cellular and molecular perspective. Olof Wiegert

Stress, corticosteroid hormones and hippocampal synaptic function

Discovering the chemical structure of neurotransmitters has given chemists an understanding of 1 Releasing hormones 2 Neurohypophysial hormones 3 Adrenomedullary and release of those hormones is co-regulated by hormonal, local and synaptic

Local production of sex hormones and their modulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity. Ishii H(1), Tsurugizawa T, Ogiue-Ikeda M, Asashima M, Mukai H, Box 2 Bidirectional effects of stress hormones on synaptic plasticity to stressful events and the concomitant rise in the levels of several stress hormones has