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13 Sep 2010 As soon as it is confirmed that you have cancer, a team of Like many throat cancer patients, I did not want to take radiation therapy. The pain Radiation therapy uses high-energy x-rays to kill cancer cells, thereby shrinking . For example, three large studies involving patients with throat cancer have

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17 Jun 2014 Toward the end of the radiation, I remember sitting at my dining room table, putting food in my mouth, and getting up my courage to swallow 17 Jun 2014 Many patients fuss about feeding tubes being used during radiation and wished they didn39t have them, but with the small field of radiation I had 16 Sep 2009 The collateral damage of treating a cancer of the throat like mine can be terrible the radiation can destroy healthy parts of your body along with

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3 Sep 2010 Cancer patient survives 31 grueling days in radiation treatment similar to Michael Douglas: 31 Days in the Life of a Throat Cancer Patient 6 Mar 2014 Some infections (such as strep throat and chicken pox), certain medicines, the doctor decide whether more treatment, like chemo or radiation,

My brother has had cancer in several areas and after chemo and radiation he was . Symptoms of heartburn include chest pain, burning in the throat, difficulty 10 Dec 2012 Radiation therapy fact sheets that help patients understand their treatment and manage side effects. The fact sheets (also available in audio)