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Breast cancer in young women is a growing burden in developing countries. Treatment-induced ovarian damage is a frequent and detrimental adverse effect of To compare markers of ovarian reserve between women exposed to cytotoxic chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer and matched controls.Cross- sectional

Anti-Mullerian hormone: determination of ovarian reserve in early breast cancer patients. Bozza C(1), Puglisi F, Lambertini M, Osa EO, Manno M, Del Mastro L

Mar 14, 2012 Assessing Ovarian Reserve After Cancer Treatments Walshe et al. summarizes the data specifically for women with breast cancer2 Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women of reproductive age . and ovarian reserve, anti-Mu llerian hormone (AMH) is considered a its kind among breast cancer survivors, their study remained limited feasible to assess ovarian reserve in cancer patients by emerging mark- ers such as

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Depletion of ovarian reserve in young women after treatment for cancer in determination of ovarian reserve in early breast cancer patients Endocr Relat Abstract. Anti-Mllerian hormone (AMH) levels fall during chemotherapy. Treatment-induced amenorrhoea is a reversible phenomenon, but few data are

Jun 15, 2013 There is still uncertainty about which are the most predictive biomarkers of poor ovarian reserve and impending infertility, and how to interpret Oct 4, 2011 ovarian function and ovarian reserve . lowed 466 breast cancer patients who TABLE 2 Common ovarian reserve tests used during cancer