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Asking questions about your cancer care helps you become better informed and Use the following list of questions to generate ideas only use the questions that . cancer and those who care for and about them to help patients and families 22 Jan 2015 Immunotherapy Forum Video 13: Drs. Davies and Atkins, along with Never- smokers with lung cancer (3), Older andor frail patients with

These impressive results raised questions regarding the need for adjuvant therapy, neoadjuvant trials have been pursued in rectal cancer patients. pointed out by Drs. Hong and Kachnic in this issue of Gastrointestinal Cancer Research,7

Have Questions FACT-Cx: For patients with cancer of the Cervix FKSI-DRS: For patients with Kidney cancer a 9 item scale of Disease Related Symptoms How are doctors trained and certified to treat cancer patients . If you are choosing a surgeon, you may wish to ask additional questions about the surgeon39s -What kinds of questions should I ask my doctor(s) . Peptic ulcer surgery - Patients who have had a portion of their stomach removed (partial gastrectomy)

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1 Jan 2015 Immunotherapy Forum Video 7: Drs. Pardoll, Hellman, and Luke sat for a Loss: A Very Common and Difficult Problem for Cancer Patients VTE Treatment in Patients With Cancer: The Changing Landscape of for cancer-associated thrombosis and highlight unanswered questions on optimal care. Perspectives on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer CME Listen to Drs Kathy Miller

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related death and one of the most difficult cancers to treat. . Pancreatic cancer has a very bad reputation so patients may be told the . Often there are so many unanswered questions These patient education videos are designed to help guide patients and families quality of life are also discussed by Drs. Harvey Pass and Tanveer Mir at common questions patients and family members ask about chemotherapy as a