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For millions of adults, effective control of asthma requires a regimen of care that may be compromised by psychological factors, such as anxiety and depression necessarily indicate asthma. Wheezing can also be a sign of other health conditions, such as respiratory infection, heart failure, and other serious problems

Is asthma serious Asthma is a serious condition that causes the airways to narrow. With treatment, however, symptoms can be controlled. Learn more from our

27 Jun 2004 Asthma is not generally considered by doctors to be a serious illness in most people who have it, mainly due to the mildness of symptoms and Asthma attacks are life threatening no matter how mild your asthma is. 5000 people a year in the usa die every year during an attack. The key is Asthma is a chronic, or life long, disease that can be serious -- even life threatening. There is no cure for asthma, but it can be managed so you can live a normal,

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An asthma attack may be minor, with symptoms that get better with prompt home treatment, or it may be more serious. A severe asthma attack that doesn39t Asthma is a serious public health problem. Asthma currently affects about 25 million people in the United States, including seven million children. More than half

Many people in this group have difficulty breathing almost all of the time, as well as frequent serious, life-threatening asthma attacks needing hospital Asthma is a common disease and its frequency sometimes detracts from its potential This is extremely serious and indicates respiratory muscle fatigue with the