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Sample Template for a Lesson Plan (Teacher and Student Activities) . p. 278 . Sample Template for a Unit Plan (Phases of Learning) In this unit, students will plan a trip and research points of interest along the way. . their progress against the unit outline or a checklist created by the teacher

Standards-focused classroom instruction requires teachers to plan instructional that appear on Teach 21 and provides only a broad overview of a unit of study

presentation39s completion. Use this same scoring guide and the details in the Webquest and research paper outline to assess and grade the final project Three Methods:Unit Plan TemplateSample PlansWriting Your Own Unit Plan List in sequential order the major concepts in outline form to be clear on what Reading and Writing Lesson Plan Outline. Unit Topic or Theme: The unit topic for this activity is reading and writing comprehension. Grade: The grade level is

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EDST6306 Instructional Design and Technology. Unit Plan and Binder Contents. Your binder should include the following sections separated by dividers: 26 Oct 2003 The unit plan must be typed and use appropriate spelling, grammar, and syntax. The first submission must be complete from start to end

25 Dec 2008 She has divided her lesson plan into five parts in order to introduce her students to 3 thoughts on Creating an Outline for Blogging Unit Plan How to Create a Unit Plan Outline. A well thought out Unit Plan can make all the difference when teaching a new subject to students. Creating an outline of your