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Cold sores are caused by a virus that those infected will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Learn about 10 causes and treatments for cold sores in this Can cold sores be passed on to other people Do I need any tests Self-care Stress or just being 39run down39 for one of many reasons. Sunshine. Strong, direct

22 Apr 2014 Learn about diseases and conditions that may cause mouth sores and the medications that treat them. Herpes simplex virus infection causes so-called cold sores, which are typically located .. Other Causes of Mouth Sores

Cold sores of the lip and, less commonly, ulcers on the palate caused by the herpes simplex virus (see However, many other viruses can cause mouth sores So if you are getting repeated cold sores, then you probably have herpes simplex type 1. This might have happened just the other day - or maybe when you were a Common reasons for recurrences are illness, stress, tiredness, being run Cold sores usually begin as blisters and then crust over. from HIV or cancer) You have other symptoms like fever, skin rash, drooling, or difficulty swallowing

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24 Jan 2014 The common cold, the most common type of viral infection. Infection of the Other viral infections, such as mumps, herpangina, or influenza In some people the HSV infection causes cold sores, which erupt following a trigger event such as a cold. This explains the term 39cold sore39. Other triggers that

26 Sep 2014 Cold sores are different from canker sores. However, people sometimes mistakenly associate one with the other. A canker sore is a small ulcer 12 Mar 2014 A parent who has a cold sore often spreads the infection to his or her child in this way. Cold sores can also be spread to other areas of the body