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For one reason or another I have found myself in need of a easy live trap for various small animals. This includes furry garden invaders, escaped pets, unwanted Every now and then, wild critters wear out their welcome around the homeplace. Gardens are raided, garbage cans ransacked, pet food filched, and other

Most trap plans that can be accomplished by unskilled trap artists are dangerous to animals and unreliable for the trapper. Homemade box traps, can traps,

these animals cannot be kept as pets. Special Instructions: Plans for a nuisance animal live trap. Animal Care amp Control Program, Department of Public Health 24 Jun 2013 Learn how to assemble a humane animal trap out of recycled material. It39s easy and effective Tags: how to build a live trap, traps, DIY backyard projects, Instructables. Reposted with . Homemade Cat Toys middot The Dovetail I built a couple of live cage traps this weekend. They are 10x18x36. Pretty simple trigger. I will set them out this weekend and see how I do

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Free live trap plans for building a box trap to catch rabbits, squirrels and other small You can also build a homemade box trap to catch larger animals like 26 May 2009 This is a live trap I built using zip ties and scrap wire. This is made from my friend johnjayrambo111139s idea. Check his vidos to see how to build

16 Mar 2013 How I Build a Homemade live trap and caught another Possum :) A printable, illustrated guide to building a box-type trap for rabbits is listed at the bottom of this page. Rabbits live in areas where good escape cover is available in brushpiles, briar patches, and thick fencerows. Rabbit Box Trap Plans