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Jul 2, 2012 Lancaster, Pa., allergist Clark Kaufman says fragrances can trigger reactions in people with underlying allergies, asthma and other conditions I have read that there are carcinogens in fragrances. andor must give up many 39normal39 activities in order to avoid exposure (such as going to public places)

already have allergies or asthma may be more sensitive to fragrances and of the difficulty of enforcing such a ban, especially when the public has access to

And, increasingly, we39re seeing reactions to botanical fragrances such as ylang ylang, jasmine and narcissus . Should fragrances be banned in public spaces Why is it necessary to structure my life around someone39s allergies Myth: People with MCS don39t like the smell of fragrances. Fact: The sickest MCS patients are barred from public parks (where pesticides and exhaust are present), stores, Nov 6, 2012 When I was working it was understood that fragrances were not to . I have scent allergies and have been to a doctor, but where I work I However, I have no problem with a LIGHT scent in the workplacechurchother public

Businesses, governments ban scents to accommodate allergy

Fragrances are specially formulated and used for public behaviour control. as well as trigger and exacerbate such conditions as asthma, allergies, sinus Asthma and allergies are very real medical conditions that affect many people Will banning fragrances in public places such as restaurants, places of worship

Smell of autism: Synthetic fragrances and cause for allergies, asthma, cancer and . Blue hid the fewest number of fragrance ingredients from the public (n 7), How is the general public exposed to In the latter product types, fragrances may be