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Rich Lauter is Leader of the Firms Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Practice Group. Rich has over 30 years of experience representing and advising financial Learn more about Gene Locks, founding Partner of the Locks Law Firm. At Locks Law Firm in Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey, each personal injury lawyer has the

More on this topic H.K. Porter Company, Inc. H.K. Porter Company, Inc. was founded in 1866 by Henry Kirke Porter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Until 1950, H.K. Porter

6102014018332Celotex used asbestos in insulation products that became the subject of many asbestos lawsuits Brayton Purcell, L.L.P., provides this informational website on the facts and legal options for victims of asbestos-related illnesses. Call 800-720-4981 Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts List. A report by the RAND Corporation identified that in June of 2010, 54 bankruptcy trusts were established, and others were pending

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Asbestos Products Manufacturers. Even with cries to ban the mining and production of asbestos resounding across the world, the industry continues to thrive Philip Anker, co-chair of the firms Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Practice Group, is an experienced bankruptcy litigator and counselor who has practiced for

Company Perspectives: Walter Industries, Inc.s businesses are diversified, yet unified in their goals of providing quality products and services that Recognized throughout the United States, our Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Practice Group is known for its aggressive, cutting-edge solutions