Gaining weight on actos

Was on Actos previously and had no side effects. Went back on 3 months ago and started gaining weight and having shortness of breath and swelling in my legs Clinical studies show that Actos caused patients to gain two to six pounds within 16 to 26 weeks, with those who were taking higher doses gaining more weight

Users share their experience with Actos and comment on drug side effects, to be diabetes complication turned out to be actos side effects. swelling,weight

28 Sep 2008 I am taking actos and started taking byetta in the beginning I lost weight and now I have gained is there a reason A small number of patients taking Actos have developed anemia, care if you feel short of breath, gain weight suddenly or notice swelling in your hands or feet If you39re gaining weight for no reason or having trouble losing weight, check your Could cause weight gain: Rosiglitazone (Avandia), pioglitazone (Actos),

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Also called, Actos Glidipion Glizofar Competact (a combination of . If you feel you are gaining weight without actually eating more, discuss this with 4 Apr 2011 It39s actually normal to put weight on over the winter. why it might be harder for you to lose weight (or, why you39re gaining weight). If you take pioglitazone ( brand name Actos) to manage your diabetes, you may gain weight

I39m not going to worry about weight gain, because I39m off actos today. The Dr. .. What I couldn39t understand was why I was gaining weight and eating very good 23 Jul 2008 In studies, the more Actos people took, the more weight they tended to . How about gaining weight because when taking insulin all it does is