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Donate Shop middot All Topics Forum: Just Diagnosed Important links if just Diagnosed. 2 Posts 577 HRT users diagnosed with breast cancer. 11 Posts 205 If you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer we would like to acknowledge your challenge and wish you the very best for your journey

Learn what to do if you have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Find answers to your questions about breast cancer and stories from others who have

People die from car crashes, cancer, or even a common cold (depending on their health). The reason people are so positive is because YOU are NOT going to I39ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer. What do I do now Stop, react, adjust, and make a game plan. Allow yourself moments alone to give yourself time to Kennedy, now 40, was diagnosed with early breast cancer when her then It is common for people who have just been diagnosed to be overwhelmed with all

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FAQs addressing: Just Diagnosed, Diagnosis-related, Coping, Statistics, If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the questions Just diagnosed It can be very difficult to take everything in when you first hear you have cancer. We understand the shock a diagnosis of breast cancer can

5 Jan 2015 Wife just diagnosed with breast cancer feeling lost 5 Jan 2015 16:02. Hi there,. I have never posted anything on a forum before, apart from the If you or a loved one has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, you probably have a lot of questions about testing, treatments, side effects, clinical trials and