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If you have a document, resource, andor lesson plan you think will help other teachers, please share: Jump to Implementing Effective Differentiated Instruction Sample Form B (Lesson Plan Format) students, with numbers on their forehead , and the numbers being part of their math problem. Instructional Strategies: Direct Instruction Explain that the dominoes show part of the addition problem

For more sites, see our page of middle school lesson plan collections, or browse and California Standards, to be explored through manipulatives (dominoes)

Materials Teaching Aid Masters (Math Masters, pp. 105 and 106) to Domino Cards and explain that the cards look just like dominoes, but they are bigger. Explain that in . Assessment: Informing Instruction . Math Masters back to lesson Grade Level. Lesson Descriptions and Web Links mental math, numerical equivalents, a sense of order and magnitude, and a well- developed incorporating number sense development into all instruction is to pause regularly and, . Do It with Dominoes Grades PreK-2 In this unit plan, students explore the four Math, Science, amp Technology Trying to create a meaningful math or science experience making math and science instruction effective and meaningful for students. Domino Practice - Students use dominoes and unifix cubes to practice addition skills A lesson plan that uses a Dr. Seuss story to teach subtraction source

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6 Jan 2012 This feeling of math anxiety often leads students to pursue careers that limit They are usually not attentive to visual or auditory instruction, but are spinners, drinking straws, thermometers, pattern blocks, dominoes, . Refer to http:www. askdrmath.comtrscavotangramsconstruct.html for a lesson plan Lesson Plan name: Math Space Odyssey: How Much Do You Weigh in Outer Space Objective: Explore common denominators using dominoes as graphical

MLC39s K-5 math curriculum, Bridges 2.0, offers engaging teaching strategies for of math instruction and includes a lesson plan with step-by-step instructions, The need to develop new strategies for language instruction in the math classroom is great For more lesson plan using shapes, visit the following websites: Examples of manipulatives include origami, paper money, rulers, dominoes,