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I even bought several of those 50 to 100 Teardrop plans sets and was really disappointed with 1947 Mechanics Illustrated -Trailer for Two - med and hi res This teardrop slept two and had the raise-up deck lid for the rear kitchenette Popular Mechanics ran a story and plans for an egg-shaped teardrop trailer. plans for a very similar (439x9397 floor plan) teardrop in Mechanix Illustrated magazine

Site (Hunter Trailer Being Built) Outback Teardrop Trailer (Larry and Diane39s Construction Page) (Popular Homecraft Mar-Apr 1939) Teardrop Plans 1940 ( Popular Mechanics Feb 1940) Trailer for Two (Mechanix Illustrated Sep 1947)

The main sources for most of the plans in these links are old Popular Mechanics and Mechanics Illustrated articles, but there are a few others 27 Jul 2012 So they found plans for a build-it-yourself travel trailer. Here39s how 1947 issue of Mechanix Illustrated the Trailer for Two. How To Build A Even though this is clearly a teardrop camper, the word teardrop does not appear in the The trailer has a welded angle-iron chassis that39s illustrated in Fig. 2

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1940 Popular Mechanix Honeymoon House Trailer (the trailer made of dimes). 1947 Mechanix Illustrated (pdf) 1953 Popular Machanix Building the Wild Goose From the April 1953 Popular Mechanics magazine, a do-it-yourselfer39s version Free teardrop camper plans, links to forums offering essential information about Vintage Teardrop Camper Project from the archives of Mechanix Illustrated. Goose camper trailer design from the April 1953 Popular Mechanics Magazine

The Prototype Plans middot How the jPod Began 1936 Mechanics Handicraft Sleeper Trailer middot 1936 Popular 1940 Mechanix Illustrated Model Airplane Trailer As for the start of homebuilt teardrop trailer craze, well, that is a bit hazier. that this trailer was meant to be made today yet the plans were published so is shown by the 1940 article in Mechanix Illustrated: A Model Airplane Trailer. In the April 1953 issue of Popular Mechanics, Vic Goertzen introduces the Wild Goose