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Prednisone is an oral steroid medication. If you have serious worsening of asthma symptoms (an asthma attack), your doctor may prescribe a brief course of oral If you are using a pressurized MDI (pMDI) inhaled steroid, then doctors recommend the use of a spacer device, especially for children. A spacer slows down the

Control Clin Trials. 2001 Aug22(4):405-19. The inhaled Steroid Treatment as Regular Therapy in early asthma (START) study: rationale and design. Pauwels

The aim of the study was to determine the effects of treatment of steroid- dependent asthma with cyclosporin. We performed a double-blind, placebo- controlled, Search . Knowledge bank middot Inhalers, treatment and medicines A small minority of people with severe asthma need to take steroid tablets for a longer period Preventer treatment should be taken regularly if you have anything more If your asthma is still not under control, you may be prescribed regular steroid tablets

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Some steroid hormones, like testosterone, stimulate formation of protein and they are the most effective treatment available for a severe attack of asthma Asthma Treatment: Steroids and Other Anti-Inflammatory Drugs seen after 3 months of daily use. Inhaled steroid medications for better asthma control include :

Short courses of steroid tablets are also used to treat acute asthma attacks and are used for essential emergency treatment of asthma attacks 16 Jan 2014 Successful asthma treatment relies on your ability to monitor your condition Oral steroid treatment (eg, prednisone) is needed no more than