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15 Aug 2009 I have been on Prometrium for three days now. At first I didn39t like them, they are bigger than provera and gave me a little headache. However Prometrium vs Provera - posted in Ask the RE: I have been trying to get AF to start since my failed IVF in March. I have done 3 rounds of

Which is better: Prometrium or Provera Patient posts show similar satisfaction when used for Spotting

It is also associated with a higher risk of breast cancer in genetic women than Prometrium. Depo-Provera can cause visual disturbances. And the fact that it 6 Dec 2013 Prometrium is taken for the same reasons as Provera. . showthread.php9789- Provera-vs-Prometrium - anecdotal experiences of Provera vs Prometrium vs Medroxyprogesterone Acetate for a female aged 60 (Study ID: 2866683). Comparions of Vitamin C, Provera for a 38-year old woman who has

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Provera vs. Prometrium to control bleeding. Hi I am 54 years old, post- menopausal, and having a TAH on August 2nd due to fibroids and I was wondering what the difference is between provera and prometrium and which one works best for women with PCOS Thanks Linda

Which is better: Depo Provera or Prometrium More patient posts reported that Depo Provera helped them when used for PCOS 13 Feb 2002 What are the benefits of Prometrium in HRT and why is it only taken during What are the benefits of Prometrium versus a progesterone-like therapy (Provera) , and why By the fourth year this trend had reversed to 33 vs 44