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The 6-meter band is a portion of the VHF radio spectrum allocated to amateur radio use. Although located in the lower portion of the VHF band, it nonetheless Ham operators seek to exploit the limits of the frequencies usual characteristics The 6 meter amateur band falls into this category, often called 39The Magic Band39, 6 . For ITU region 1, Radio Society of Great Britain39s band plan will be more

4.1 Worldwide frequency allocations 4.2 IARU Region 1 4.3 IARU Region 2 4.4 IARU Region 3 4.5 USA 4.6 Canada 10 meter band plan 4.7 Key 4.8 Novice

Download a color coded chart of the entire U.S. ham radio band plan here: 6 Meters and higher frequency band plan: 6 Meters All Amateurs except Novices: Six Meters (50-54 MHz) is known as The Magic Band to many of its fans, but the best a ham I worked during a frantic summer Sporadic-E opening: This is a great band if Sporadic-E is the most common workhorse for six-meter operators . Under the old band plan, you would hear many stations on 50.125 as the band In the UK the 50MHz (6M) band between 50.0-51.0MHz is allocated with The 50MHz UK band plan is based on the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)

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users of the amateur HF bands amp 6 meters. Some band usage A band plan refers to a voluntary division of a band to avoid interference between .. 6) Additional FM simplex frequencies may be designated regionally

The 222 band (1-14 Meter) is a popular Novice ham hangout. Technician Get a taste of long-range skip communications using the 6 meter band. You can SIX METER FREQUENCIES 6 Meter Simplex Frequencies -- 51.500 51.520 51.540 A Typical 6 Meter Band Plan