Provera and positive pregnancy test

hi there, i know that depo provera can give you some signs of being in that week of pregnancy where a test wouldn39t show positive prior to 30 Jun 2006 Hello- I was prescribed Provera 10 mg to induce my period. Last week, I had a positive pregnancy test, and today (919) found out I39m 6 wks

28 Aug 2014 My initial thought was that the provera gave a false positive, but I don39t think so Also I know, it can cause miscarriage Anyone with similar

29 Nov 2014 If You Are Taking Depo Provera For Birth Control, Can It Affect The If by some chance, you do get a positive pregnancy test, you should 3 Apr 2014 A pregnancy test detects the level of HCG hormone is in your urine which You shouldn39t get a false positive (although not impossible) For early on . Anywys my dr. gave me provera to start my periods with clomid 50mg but I Im on Depo provera birth control so me and my boyfreind have I took a pregnancy test and one said i was ( kind of ) the line that shows up if your my doctor told me all tests go positive after a few hrs even if ur not u can

can depo provera effect a pregnancy test Birth Control

Hi everyone, I posted on here a few days ago, regarding no period after taking provera, i have just done a pregnancy test and its positive 5 Jan 2013 Home pregnancy test and Depo Provera. There are I have had the depo shot last month and I have had a positive pregnancy test Has the

14 Jun 2009 10 days ago when I started this tx, the Dr.39s pregnancy pee test was negative. So.. . Can progesterone cause a false positive HPT. I just took 2 On Provera And Positive Ovulation Test Please Someone Help . I am taking a 10 day supply of 10mg of provera to induce a period due to a