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In addition to this professorship, the Athena Partners Foundation also established the Athena Endowed Award for Excellence in Breast Cancer Research, 26 May 2010 ATHENA, launched this fall, will gather breast cancer screening, demographic, lifestyle and other information on 150,000 women from the five

The goals of the Athena Breast Health Network at UC Irvine are to: personalize breast care by assessing and communicating patients39 cancer risk with them and

Our physicians and researchers are involved in progressive studies to identify breast cancer39s causes, enhance detection, and improve treatment 19 Dec 2014 The Athena Breast Health Network at UCLA brings together California women, physicians and researchers to better personalize breast cancer Named the ATHENA Breast Health Network, the groundbreaking project will initially The Athena project brings the resources of the five UC-designated cancer

Athena Distinguished Professorship of Breast Cancer Research

12 Apr 2012 First-line bevacizumab-containing therapy for triple-negative breast cancer: analysis of 585 patients treated in the ATHENA study. Thomssen We are women, physicians, and researchers building a more personalized solution for breast cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. Your story holds the

The ATHENA Breast Care Network is changing the way that researchers approach breast cancer. By leveraging technology to bring together data and 29 Sep 2009 Named the ATHENA Breast Health Network, the groundbreaking project Breast cancer, the most common cancer in women, is a devastating