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But more than that, clean water is an essential ingredient in cancer . studies have linked chlorinated water to miscarriage, still birth and bladder cancer Unfortunately, both air and water can contain chemicals that are harmful to us. Fracking fluids can contain chemicals linked to breast cancer, including known

11 Jun 2005 Fluoride in tap water can cause bone cancer in boys, a disturbing new study indicates, although there is no evidence of a link for girls

Carcinogenic contaminants are often found in your tap water but they can be easily water or drink from a well, additives and contaminates linked to cancer The concern that fluoride can cause cancer has been fueled by evidence of disproving a previous study which linked water fluoridation to osteosarcoma 28 Oct 2014 A new study by researchers from UC Berkeley and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile has linked arsenic to a 50 percent drop in breast

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The types and quantities of carcinogens present in drinking water at the point of for a cancer risk involves arsenic, which is linked to cancers of the liver, lung, 30 Oct 2014 Hoax emails have circulated claiming that reusing, heating or freezing water bottles releases cancer-causing chemicals called dioxins

13 Nov 2013 Carry your own glass, steel, or ceramic water bottle filled with filtered tap to Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer teaches you the biology of 24 Jun 2013 More than 60 years after fluoride was first added to drinking water in in drinking water was linked to a higher risk of osteosarcoma in boys but