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Manufacturers of colloidal silver products often claim that they are curealls, boosting your immune system, fighting bacteria and viruses, and treating cancer, Sep 7, 2013 So, what did that silver yogurt taste like slightly off topic,i was ingesting a fair quantity of coloidial silver . Even Cancer - Aids amp Ebola

Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, has used silver in his cancer treatment for many years. He says it has brought on rapid remission in

Colloidal silver has been used as a medical treatment aid for decades and continues to be used by practitioners of Aggregate cancer risk for U.S. population In recent years, silver-containing products have been marketed with unsubstantiated claims that they are effective against AIDS, cancer, infectious diseases, I had fibro so bably three years ago and took colloidal silver for three . has just givin me a Glass jar of clear water She says is Coloidial Silver

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Coloidial Silver. This is a natural antibiotic. If you have it in your house you may want to use it now. Follow the directions on the bottle Feb 22, 2013 Bladder, UTI Infections amp Colloidal SIlver. I have diabetes and I haven39t been to the doctors sense, before that I had cancer cells and they . Nope a lot of students coming out of medic school know nothing of Coloidial silver

May 6, 2001 Hi--My sister39s husband takes it daily but only after he got cancer. .. I only use natural antibiotics after surgery (coloidial silver and propolis) Apr 11, 2014 As worldwide cancer rates continue to rise, these results are extremely alarming, especially in light of the . So what about coloidial silver