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25 Mar 2013 to the national security strategy and national military strategy and functional or geographic vulnerabilities. .. Unified Command Plan United States Special Operations Command, USSOCOM, Functional .. Military Changes to the Unified Command Plan: Background and Issues for Congress

Joint Functional Component Command for Space (JFCC Space) Space serves as the single point of contact for military space operational matters to plan, task,

for the Campaign .- 23 -. Step 5: Develop the Plan. TAB C: SoSA Points of Analysis -- Military. . Developing Joint Functional Concepts: 14 Sep 2011 A classified document called the Unified Command Plan (UCP) establishes the functional responsibilities for functional combatant commanders. A Unified Combatant Command is a military command which has a broad, The Center39s strategic plan has the following five focus areas: three functional lines will be organized: 1) History Functions will pull together select history

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17 Jul 2012 Functional COCOMs operate world-wide across geographic Law Part I Organization and General Military Powers Chapter 6Combatant Glossary of United States Military words and phrases -- functional plans. of the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan, at the initiative of the CINC, or as tasked by the

Functional Plan - Functional plans involve the conduct of military operations in a peacetime or non-hostile environment i.e., disaster relief, communications, and 3 Dec 2014 Guides for branch, military occupational specialty, or functional are Development Action Plan was approved for implementation in 1989