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3 Dec 2011 My wife is apparently allergic to printer ink, with symptoms including swelling of the upper lip (both sides) and flaring-up of a discoloured patch 22 May 2014 Longtime journalist Michael Dresser is allergic to newspaper print. Courtesy Bio. PHOTO: Mike Dressers eye lid, swollen from newspaper ink

19 Nov 2008 Hi everyone, this is my first blog :-) i think i am allergic to newspaper print Well I have the same allergies from news print, every day the news

Allergies. Is an allergy to news print pretty common I used to work for a local newspaper, and the amount of paper dust produced by the 18 Jul 2002 Recently, every time I open a fresh newspaper I have a sneezing fit. I39m assuming it39s the ink but could be something else. Anyone else Newspaper ink is a minor annoyance to most people, at most prompting the need to wash their the ink commonly used on newsprint can cause allergies, usually affecting the eyes and skin. How to Remove Newspaper Print From Wood

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29 Dec 2014 Flexography is used to print packaging materials such as cereal boxes Unfortunately, there are no studies on newspaper allergies but there 16 Aug 2013 Allergies to Newspaper Ink The hands are most vulnerable to skin reactions to newspaper ink. Photo Credit Creatas ImagesCreatasGetty

21 May 2014 A longtime reporter discovers he is allergic to newspaper ink. He39ll also have to adjust to reading digital versions of the newspaper as opposed to the print Mr. Google tells me newspaper allergies more common that you Many people suffer from allergic rhinitis allergies or hay fever and bronchial tobacco smoke, fumes, and odors from wood stoves, paint, newspaper print, car