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Three specific aspects of extra-renal 1-OHase have attracted most Keywords: Vitamin D Extra-renal 1-Hydroxylase 24-Hydroxylase Granulomatous Vitamin D is normally obtained from the diet or produced by the skin from the ultraviolet energy of the sun. However, it is not abundant in food. As more people

Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2004 Feb 27215(1-2):31-8. Vitamin D and barrier function: a novel role for extra-renal 1 alpha-hydroxylase. Hewison M(1), Zehnder D,

If you dont spend enough time in the sun or if your body has trouble absorbing vitamin D, you may not get enough. Here are 12 ways to ensure adequate intake 22 Dec 2013 Dr. Michael Holick, one of the leading vitamin D researchers, Despite its name, vitamin D is not a regular vitamin. Use extra virgin, etc The Institute of Medicine39s current recommended intake of vitamin D is 5 micrograms (200 IU) up to age 50, 10 micrograms (400 IU) between the ages of 51 and

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10 Feb 2011 What we need to know about the sunshine vitamin 6 Jan 2014 Vitamin D supplements do not prevent osteoporosis. In otherwise healthy people, taking extra vitamin D provides no health benefits

20 Mar 2012 Vitamin D toxicity is usually caused by megadoses of vitamin D supplements not by diet or sun exposure. That39s because your body 18 May 2013 Extra vitamin D was associated with significantly less physical, emotional and general fatigue, greater quality of life and the ability to perform