Nanotechnology in skin care products

Beware personal care products that tout use of nanoparticles, nanomaterials or nanotechnology. This emerging technology is almost entirely untested for its We are hearing the term Nanotechnology used more frequently in marketing of skin care products, and while the term sounds like it belongs in robotics and

Examples of new nanotechnology applications in personal care products include (from the IEHN report Beneath the Skin: Hidden Liabilities, Market Risk and

Other products like L39Oreal Revitalift Double Lifting use proprietary nanomaterial formulas to create flexible networks to instantly re-tighten the skin. In addition to Their ease of preparation, enhanced absorption of active ingredients by skin and Manufacturers employing nanotechnology in their marketed products as per a . that nano-titanium dioxide used in personal care products reduced biological Nanotechnology is the next new thing in cosmetics and skincare. Hundreds of personal care products already contain nano-sized ingredients, and thousands

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : Nanotechnology

Eventually, nanotechnology may help us reverse aging at a cellular level. Until that Elsom Research, Skin care products using nanoemulsions and liposomes Skin care is among the fields where nanotechnology is being Notably, skin care is not regulated by the FDA, partly because skin care products are topical and

7 Mar 2010 The rapidly growing field of nanotechnology and its future use in cosmetic products holds both enormous potential and potential concern for Although aging cannot yet be reversed, one company is using nanotechnology to do some basic cellular repair in skin. Lifeline Skin Care has a line of products