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funerary complex of Sultan al-Ashraf Qaytbay . Discover Islamic Art - information and pictures on Qaytbay39s mosquemadrasa, including floor plan. Retrieved The madrasa built in 1356 for Amir Sarghitmish, whose career began under Sultan al-Muzaffar Haji and ended during the reign of Sultan Hasan, although

Egypt. The khanqah, whose role in the funerary complex of Barsbay was . Floor plan of Sultan Qaytbay Funerary Complex at the Northern Cemetery, Cairo

6 Oct 1994 Clickable plan and images, provided by the University of Pennsylvania Looking down on the mortuary complex of Ptahshepses at Abusir. It should be noted of the Old Kingdom. Floor plan of the funerary complex of Ptahshepses 2009. Fls2122. Drawing of Aslam Mosque: ground floor plan, existing conditions Fls3209. Amir Aslam al-Silahdar Funerary Complex: Ground Floor Plan. 2009

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The Complex of Sultan Hasan was built between 1356 and 1363, and included a madrasa, congregational mosque, and mausoleum. The free-standing complex Plan Inside the Pyramid of Khafre The Khafre Pyramid Complex Credits for The other has its floor carved into the bedrock while its upper walls and ceiling

Madrasa Mausoleum and Maristan of Sultan Qalawun (Variant) Sultan Qala39un Funerary Complex (Variant) Madrasat wa-Qubbat wa-Bimaristan al-Sultan Architecture of the Circassian Mamluks. Doris Behrens-Abouseif. 1989 middot Fls1371. Floor plan of Sultan al-Ashraf Barsbay Funerary Complex at Suq al-Nahhasin,