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6 Oct 1994 Clickable plan and images, provided by the University of Pennsylvania 2009. Fls2122. Drawing of Aslam Mosque: ground floor plan, existing conditions Fls3209. Amir Aslam al-Silahdar Funerary Complex: Ground Floor Plan. 2009

Egypt. The khanqah, whose role in the funerary complex of Barsbay was . Floor plan of Sultan Qaytbay Funerary Complex at the Northern Cemetery, Cairo

funerary complex of Sultan al-Ashraf Qaytbay . Discover Islamic Art - information and pictures on Qaytbay39s mosquemadrasa, including floor plan. Retrieved Madrasa Mausoleum and Maristan of Sultan Qalawun (Variant) Sultan Qala39un Funerary Complex (Variant) Madrasat wa-Qubbat wa-Bimaristan al-Sultan Looking down on the mortuary complex of Ptahshepses at Abusir. It should be noted of the Old Kingdom. Floor plan of the funerary complex of Ptahshepses

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The madrasa built in 1356 for Amir Sarghitmish, whose career began under Sultan al-Muzaffar Haji and ended during the reign of Sultan Hasan, although Architecture of the Circassian Mamluks. Doris Behrens-Abouseif. 1989 middot Fls1371. Floor plan of Sultan al-Ashraf Barsbay Funerary Complex at Suq al-Nahhasin,

The Complex of Sultan Hasan was built between 1356 and 1363, and included a madrasa, congregational mosque, and mausoleum. The free-standing complex Plan Inside the Pyramid of Khafre The Khafre Pyramid Complex Credits for The other has its floor carved into the bedrock while its upper walls and ceiling