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other animals. However, sharks are a type of fish which never develops cancers. How do you like to be called: 3. . It39s not true that sharks don39t get cancer 20 Aug 2003 getting cancer. We don39t know that they don39t get cancer, he said. Any suggestion that they get it at a lower rate than humans or other fish,

It can39t get much clearer. has almost 4,000 specimens of cancer in fish, Do you think you are somehow immune and that it is only the beluga whale that is

3 Dec 2013 livescience.com41655-sharks-do-get-cancer-tumor-found-in-great-white.html. published online in November in the Journal of Fish Diseases Q: Is it true that sharks don39t get cancer A: While it is not true that sharks do not develop cancer, they do have a remarkable cancer shield. Of the thousands of fish tumors in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution, only about 15 are from Sharks don39t get cancer and you can therefore rule out cancer if one of your before trying it, or even better hire someone with experience to do it for you

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6 Sep 2010 Ocean of Pseudoscience: Sharks DO get cancer Sharks are slow growing species compared to other fish, and simply cannot reproduce fast Just like humans, sharks do get cancer and the number of documented cases Unlike smaller fish, sharks biomagnify pollutants, which may actually make them

15 Aug 2012 exposed to the sun39s rays. But the animals don39t get skin disease. In other fish , the exposure can lead to skin cancer. Sharks, however, just So do fish get cancer I39d like to say no they don39t, but the Smithsonian institute is one very few places in the world where you can see thousands of specimens